4 Hours – $450
6 Hours – $550
8 Hours – $650
8+ Hours – $80/hr

*Rates are for 2 people. Maximum of 3 people.

Please email with any questions, and use the calendar below to check availability for your preferred dates.

Booked days will be labeled as “busy,” or +1 more or +2 more. Multiple trips are available for each day depending on length. Click on a specific day to see if all slots are available or booked. Please contact me directly if you wish to book on a “busy” day or with any specific questions about dates.

Please note: Our 2023 calendar is full, and we have a substantial wait list, please understand that we will not be able to respond to all booking, email and phone inquiries due to the volume of requests. Booking for the 2024 season will start in March 2024. Good luck and tight lines.